Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last updated: 22.09.2021

General information and mandatory information

Responsible body for the data processing on this website:

Rhazes Global – Healthcare Tourism and Consulting LLC ( | Avenue Veraj, first floor, S. Rahimov 179 A, Baku, Azerbaijan, registration no (INTP) 1503984131
Managing Directors: Elchin Baghirov, Shahsuvar Hajizada
The responsible person(s) decides alone or jointly with others on the purposes and means of processing personal data (e.g. names, contact details, etc.).

Rhazes Global has appointed a Data Protection Officer:

Aytaj Rajabli

Avenue Veraj, first floor, S. Rahimov 179 A, Baku, Azerbaijan

Phone: +994 51 331 84 00 | E-mail: [email protected]


Rhazes Global (hereinafter mentioned as “Rhazes Global”) administers platform for providing advertising thought its own website or mobile application (“platform”) for medical service providers, counting hospitals and clinics worldwide (“medical service providers”), Rhazes Global is only liable for monitoring data and processing information acquired through the platform or any other communication of Rhazes Global customer service (“Care Team”) member and the user, clinic, hospital or the third party. In order to administrate business operations and to process data provided by users Rhazes Global may use third parties’, service providers’ and affiliated companies’ services and also may pass on the data for same purposes.

Rhazes Global is liable for the information collected and shared in accordance with this Privacy Policy, excluding the cases where Rhazes Global cannot be held responsible for violation of this Privacy Policy.

The user is able to use individual services (“special services”) Rhazes Global provides. This requires that the user agrees that his / her personal data, including special personal data, if applicable will be collected, processed and used. The special services to which this applies are listed below:

1. Rhazes Global administers a platform that allows the user to contact medical providers, third-party providers and associated companies like travel agencies, customer service agencies, payment service providers or translators, whose services are advertised through our platform.

2. In case of concluding medical treatment contract with a medical service provider, user agrees that Rhazes Global will be informed by the medical service provider about the details of it, such as type, date and cost of the medical treatment as well as date of sending invoice to the user (and, that if required by law, the medical service provider will transfer the corresponding data to Rhazes Global).

3. By concluding the contract with the third-party provider for certain services, user allows third-party provider to share the date and amount of invoice sent by third party provider to the user.

4. Rhazes Global uses user’s personal information in order to send information about Rhazes Global, new services and products, medical service providers and etc., through different ways of communication such as phone call, SMS, email or post, for its own advertising purposes.


While requesting or ordering, user agrees to the following forms of data processing by clicking on the relevant box.

1. The user agrees that the personal data and special personal data transmitted during the inquiry process are collected, stored 

and used by Rhazes Global    for the following purposes:

2. The User agrees that communication through the platform or by email between him/her and Rhazes Global’s partner medical service providers may be reviewed and analyzed by Rhazes Global for customer care, research, product development, fraud prevention, investigation and risk assessment purposes. Rhazes Global checks, searches and analyzes user communications by automatic methods unless there is the need of reviewing individual communications manually for individual investigations for suspected fraud, customer support, or evaluation and improvement of automatic tools.

3. In case, the user uses his/her right and objects such kind of collection, processing and use of personal and special personal data, Services that require above mentioned can no longer be provided to the user by Rhazes Global.


We only collect and process your personal data if you willingly and with your permission, e.g., by filling out our forms (free offer) or by sending emails, provide them. This is mainly the following data in the framework of the available types of forms and messages:

Data of interested parties for services:

•        first name

•        surname

•        email address

•        telephone number

•        the agreement to the data protection declaration

•        the consent

Special personal data, such as information about medical status, sex life, health, habits and religion is collected and stored in order to conclude a corresponding agreement, to open a customer account or to establish contract with Rhazes Global or its partner medical service provider which are essentially hospitals, clinics, dental clinics and specialists worldwide.

These data will only be used for the purposes mentioned above unless Rhazes Global is expressly permitted by the user to use it for other purposes.

In this case, the data will be used only for the purpose necessary for the relevant purpose, for example, conclusion, contract execution, and performance.

The personal data you provide will remain with us and our affiliates exclusively. We store and process your data only for the purposes mentioned above. Any use beyond stated purposes requires your consent.

The processing of data by our partners is governed by their data protection rules.

Personal data will be deleted immediately if you withdraw your consent or if the purpose of using the data no longer exists.


Rhazes Global uses various third-party providers and affiliate companies to provide services through the platform. These third parties and affiliates may be established worldwide and they may be assisting Rhazes Global:

1.      To verify or confirm user’s identification;

2.      To compare the information with public databases;

3.      In data verification, fraud prevention and risk assessment or

4.      with after-sales services, such as advertising, or payment services.


Certain types of data processing operations occur only with your explicit approval. Already given approval can be annulled at any time by sending an informal email, with your name address and user name if applicable, to [email protected]. Revocation doesn’t affect the legitimacy of data collected and processed before revocation.


In case of violation of the data protection law, you, as an interested party, have the right to file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority. The competent data protection supervisor is the data protection officer of the federal state in which our company has a registered office.


You have the right to receive data that we automatically process based on your consent or fulfillment of a contract transferred to you or to third parties. Since the information is in a machine-readable format in case of your request to directly transfer data to another responsible person, it will be done only in cases where it is technically possible.


Free information of your stored personal data, its origin, its recipients, the purposes of processing the data and, the right to correct, block or delete this data at any time if applicable, within the framework of applicable legal provisions, is your right. You can contact us at any time through the contact details provided regarding this or any other questions about personal data.


Rhazes Global’s website uses SSL or TSL encryption for security reasons, and in order to protect transmission of confidential information sent by the user to our operator. This ensures that the data user transmits, won’t be read by third parties. Encrypted connection can be recognized by the “https:// address line and the lock symbol situated in the browser line.


For us, In order to send our newsletter, an email address is needed from you. Verification of provided address and approval to receive the newsletter is necessary. Collection of supplementary data is voluntary. The use of data is solely for the newsletter.

The data collected during the registration for the newsletter will be processed solely on the basis of your approval. You are able to revoke your approval anytime. To withdraw your consent, you can send unofficial email or use the "Unsubscribe" link. The revocation doesn’t affect legitimacy of the data processing operations that occurred before it.

In case if you unsubscribe, the data you entered for subscription will be deleted unless it’s been transmitted for other purposes as well.


In server log files, the provider of the website automatically collects and stores information that your browser automatically transmits to us. These are:

Automatically transmitted information by your browser, is collected and stored in server log files. These are:

  • Visited page on our domain
  • Date and time of the server request
  • Browser type and browser version
  • Operating system used
  • Referrer URL
  • Hostname of the accessing computer
  • IP address


Contributions and comments with related data, for example IP addresses remain stored on our website until it has been deleted for some reason, including legal reasons. Storage of comments and contributions is based on your consent which you can revoke at any time by sending an informal email, it doesn’t affect legitimacy of data collected before the revocation.


Anonymous data (for example anonymous user profiles and user behavior) is stored by Rhazes Global for optimization and marketing purposes by using cookies and flash cookies, alphanumeric identification codes which are stored on the user’s hard drive through the browser or other programs by Rhazes Global. User is able to deactivate cookies upon his or her wish with the help of manufacturer’s instructions for the browser.

1. Accepting cookies is not mandatory for accessing Rhazes Global’s website, unless user wishes to make some personal markings or setting the reminders.

2. Cookies and flash cookies present small files stored on the user's hard drive and contain the preferred settings and other data required by the Rhazes Global computer system to interact with the browser. Two types of cookies exist: session cookies, which are deleted when the user logs out of the browser, and temporary cookies, which are stored in the user's browser for a long period of time. Cookies help Rhazes Global tailor the platform to the user and follow their preferences and usage habits. They also allow Rhazes Global to save the entered information so it won’t need to be re-entered by the user next time he or she visits.

3. Rhazes Global mostly uses session cookies which are automatically deleted at the end of session. Cookies that remain on user’s computer after closing the browser are used by Rhazes Global in order to recognize that user has already visited website and set the settings and clinics which were preferred by the user. Temporary cookies are deleted from the user’s computer after about a month. The reason of collecting and analyzing data through the cookies is to simplify using of Rhazes Global website and develop strategies for improving the platform.

4. Rhazes Global doesn’t use cookies for personal data storage. Activated cookie is given an ID number which can’t be used for any other purpose (e.g. identifying the user or accessing any kind of personal data) other than internal, to identify most visited pages or most popular clinic on Rhazes Global website.

5. Rhazes Global website collects data which can be useful for advertisements and online offers provided for the user but only for optimizing platform and not identifying the user. The data is only used for sending advertising and information about offers and services tailored to the users individual needs and is not stored with user’s personal data/

6. Rhazes Global uses retargeting techniques to adapt the online offer to the user. Through the retargeting technology Rhazes Global is able to advertise recently visited and similar clinics on partner websites, including other companies that may be suited to the user. Personal data is not stored, and user profiles are not created since this data is anonymous.


Rhazes Global website uses Google Analytics, provided by “Google”. Cookies, small text files stored on your computer to help use analyze your use of our website, are used by Google Analytics. Generated data, including your IP address is being sent and stored to a Google server in the USA. Google is shortening or anonymizing the last eight-bit character of the IP address if anonymization of IP address is activated. This data is used by Google only for assessment of your use of website to gather reports about website activity for our operators and to provide other relating services. Google doesn’t connect your IP address with any other Google data. You may reject using cookies by corresponding setting of browses but in this case you may not be able to use all the functions of this website.

Google analytics code on this website is supplemented through anonymizeIP. Here and here you can find further information regarding Google’s data protection and terms of use.


Rhazes Global website uses social plugins of Facebook, social network operated by Facebook Inc., situated in Ireland, Dublin 2, canal Harbour, 4 Grand Canal Square.

Facebook icon or the addition “Facebook Socian Plugin” or “Social Plug-in of Facebook” are used to mark plug-ins. You will find information on facebook plugins here.

When you call up Rhazes Global website page, which contains such plugins, direct connection will be established by your browser to the Facebook servers in order for Facebook to transmit the content of plugin and integrate into the page. Though this process Facebook receives and stores information that you entered corresponding page of Rhazes Global website (including IP address) even in case of not having Facebook account or not being logged in.

Facebook is able to attach your visit to Rhazes Global website to your Facebook page in case you are logged in. any information about your interaction with plugins (to click “like button” or to comment) is also transmitted and stored in Facebook server and is also attached to your profile so that your Facebook friends can see it.

You can find the purpose and range of data collection, further processing and terms of use the data by Facebook together with your rights hereof and settings to protect your privacy in Facebook's data protection information.

You need to log out from Facebook before entering the website in order to stop Facebook linking collected data to your profile. Or you can completely stop loading plugins with your browser with following add-ons: add-on for Mozilla Firefox, add-on for Opera,  add-on for Chrome.


Rhazes Global website uses social plug-ins Twitter, the microblogging service, operated by Twitter Inc., situated in the USA, CA 94103, San Francisco, 1355 Market St, Suite 900. Twitter logo is used for marking Twitter Plugins, information and appearance of which you can find here.

When you call up Rhazes Global website page, which contains such plugins, direct connection will be established by your browser to the Twitter servers in order for Twitter to transmit the content of plugin and integrate into the page. Though this process Twitter receives and stores information that you entered corresponding page of Rhazes Global website (including IP address) even in case of not having Twitter account or not being logged in.

Twitter is able to attach your visit to Rhazes Global website to your Twitter account in case you are logged in. any information about your interaction with plugins, for example to click the “Twitter” button, is also transmitted and stored in Twitter server and is also attached to your account so that your Twitter friends can see it.

You can find the purpose and range of data collection, further processing and terms of use the data Twitter together with your rights hereof and settings to protect your privacy in Twitter's data protection information.

You need to log out from Twitter before entering the website in order to stop Twitter linking collected data to your Twitter account. Or you can completely stop loading plugins for your browser with the script blocker "NoScript".


Features of the LinkedIn network are used by Rhazes Global website, provider of those features, LinkedIn Corporation in situated in the USA, CA 94043, 2029 Stierlin Court, MountainView. When you call up Rhazes Global website page, which contains LinkedIn features, direct connection is established by your browser to the LinkedIn servers and LinkedIn will be notified of your visit on our webpage. LinkedIn is able to asociate your visit to Rhazes Global website to your LinkedIn account in case you are logged in. you can find further information on this topic in LinkedIn's data protection declaration.


This Privacy Policy can be changed by Rhazes Global in accordance with its Terms according to Rhazes Global rights any time. Rhazes global will notify users by email about any significant changes and will post about any changes of Privacy Policy on this website.